Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet PDF By Ellen Davis

This eBook Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet is dedicated to and written for everyone struggling with the harsh reality of a cancer diagnosis.
Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet .. A new method for treating cancer
- Use the Warburg Effect to treat cancer at the metabolic level,
- Minimize the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy and radiation,
- Improve the success rate of your standard treatment program.

IntroductionFight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet :

Hello! My name is Ellen Davis, and I would like to thank you for your interest in this eBook Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet . I am the author of Ketogenic Diet Resource, a website which showcases how ketogenic diets can be used to improve health and reverse many disease conditions. One of the diseases for which the ketogenic diet is an effective treatment is cancer. This eBook Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet  is a result of my research to answer reader questions about using the diet for cancer treatment. My goal with this eBook is to help those affected by cancer utilize a ketogenic diet to manage the disease and better tolerate chemotherapy and radiation protocols they may face. 
Currently, this type of cancer treatment is being called “metabolic therapy.” With his generous permission, I have based some of the information in this eBook Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet  on Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s groundbreaking book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer. I highly recommend reading Dr. Seyfried’s book. It is jam-packed with information found nowhere else, and offers the technical details of Dr. Seyfried’s assertion that cancer is NOT a genetic disease, but is instead a metabolic disease which can be treated with diet.
Additional information in this book comes as a result of the clinical work of Miriam Kalamian, an independent nutritionist specializing in the implementation of ketogenic diets for individuals with cancer, and Dr. Colin Champ, a radiation oncologist at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute who is experienced in the use of ketogenic diets for cancer therapy. Both Ms. Kalamian and Dr. Champ have helped patients implement ketogenic diets, and both report effective results which include improvements in quality of life and a reduction in cancer markers.
The dietary information in this eBook Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet is also based in part on a book titled Ketogenic Diets, Fifth Edition, by John Freeman MD, Eric Kossoff MD, Zahava Turner RD and James Rubenstein MD. These individuals are the principals of the Ketogenic Diet Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. While their book was written for adults and children with epilepsy, it has dietary information which is equally useful for individuals fighting cancer. Hopefully someday, in every major hospital, there will be similar teams trained in implementing ketogenic diets to treat people who have cancer.
This Publication Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. You may not modify, perform, display, reproduce or distribute (a) content in this Publication (other than as set forth herein), (b) the design or layout of the Publication, or individual sections of the design or layout of the Publication or (c) logos without Ketogenic Diet Resource’s written permission.
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Information about the book Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet 

Title of book: Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet 
Author: Ellen Davis
Pages: 134
Size: 4 MB
ISBN: Second Edition, January 2014

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